Tips to Look Fresh When You Are Not



Sometimes, even when we have the best of intentions, we just don’t get to bed on time, and the next day we still have to fake looking refreshed after a full eight hours of sleep. When the reality is more like four or five, this can be a challenge — but it’s not impossible.
Same goes with a hectic working day and a party at night where you want to look your best and you cant achieve it when you don’t look fresh.

1. Splash Cold Water On Your Face

In an article on Good Housekeeping’s site on ways to fake like you’ve had enough sleep, New York dermatologists Francesca Fusco said to “simply splash cold water on your face.” Cold water constricts the blood vessels under your skin, temporarily giving you a smoother and more toned complexion.

2. Open Up The Eyes

Half-closed, bleary eyes are a dead give away when it comes to looking tired, so anything you can do to create the appearance of widening the eye will help a lot in terms of looking alert. In the same Good Housekeeping article, New York City makeup artist Emily Kate Warren said opening up her lashes with an eyelash curler is “the only thing that perks up my face when I’m sleep-deprived.”

3. Under Eye Concealer

In an article for, beauty and style writer Karina Giglio stressed the importance of under eye concealer for faking your way to a more refreshed look. “Use a small brush to apply to any dark areas, including the inner corners of your eyes, where shadows are often the darkest. Finish by dotting a bit over your lids, and your entire eye area will look refreshed,” she said. She also recommended using a shade slightly warmer than your natural skin color to offset the blueish tint of undereye circles and a creamier product for maximum coverage.

4. Highlighters Are Your Friends

Giglio said that the light and shimmer you get from a highlighter “wakes up your face in just a few seconds.” In the same piece, makeup artists Nicole Culler recommended using “your fingers to apply a sheer, skin-toned highlighter under your brow bone, on the inner corner of eyes, cheekbones, and the middle of your lower lip.”

5. Line Your Inner Lids

In an article in’s Lipstick, New York City-based makeup artist Laura Mercier said she perks up her models for early-morning shoots by lining their inner and upper lash lines with a dark color. “It make the whites of their eyes seem brighter,” she said.

6. Wear Some Bling

In the same Glamour piece, NYC stylist Kate Schelter said she tells clients to wear sparkles and more “blingy” accessories when they’re low on energy. “The sparkle makes you look lively,” she said.

7. Dress Up Your Lips

On, New York Post gossip columnist Paula Froehlich said she wears a bold lip to draw attention away from her “weary eyes” when she’s tired.

Giglio also recommended this tip, adding, “A bright, cheery lip color will pull attention away from the tired areas of your face and liven up your look.”

8. Blush It Up

Beauty writer Jenny Bailly highly recommended using blush to appear brighter and fresher in an article for, saying that, “A pop of color on your cheekbones brightens your entire face and distracts from shadows underneath your eyes.” A makeup artist in the same article (who wished to remain nameless because he works for a different brand) said, “There’s a reason why Nars Orgasm Blush is so incredibly popular — that shade of slightly peachy pink, flecked with gold, makes almost everyone look vibrant.”

9. Layer Your Liner

Bailly also recommended using two different color tones on your upper lashline. This “will counteract shadows underneath your eyes and make the whites look brighter,” she said. “First, use a dark brown or black pencil eyeliner. Top it with a liner in a vibrant jewel tone, like a sapphire blue or emerald green.”

10. Sleep With Your Head Elevated

In a article on how to look awake and refreshed every morning, makeup artist Taylor Babaian recommended elevating your head during sleep to reduce swelling or puffiness on your face. This is a good tip for those nights when you know you’re not going to be getting your full eight hours.

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