Prepare Your Skin For Summers


Summer season is just about to come. Summer is very hot in some part of the world mostly Asia and it damages the skin, which is some time irreparable. However some damages seen because of hot sun such as pigmentation and tanning are recoverable. The summer shows its intensity in open air , the sun damages more and causes skin tanning. In summer season the skin needs more care. The beauty care products we have been using in winters now needs to change. Heavy moisturizers should be replaced with water based moisturizers. Oil based products should be avoided. Try to avoid UV rays as maximum as possible. Cover your exposed parts of body when you are directly in contact with sun rays. Keep yourself hydrated.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Moisture is an important issue in summer and for this purpose you have to spread rose water or any other moisturizer and then can apply makeup on it, in this way the skin remain moisturized for more time.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink more and more water for skin hydration because hot evaporate water contents from skin as a sweat.

Focus On Cleansing

It is also vital that you have to wash your skin and rinse all the dirt from skin and face before applying the makeup.

Avoid Direct Exposure To SunLight

Try to avoid from open sun and if it is necessary, then use sun blocker or take umbrella. Hat and cap can also protect your skin from sun.

Ice Packs

Use ice pack on skin and face in summer and in this way you can reduce the sweating rate, similarly before going in sun wash your face with water because water is a natural moisturizer.

Oily Skin

The oily skin face more problem in summer because in summer there is a lot of oil production so was your face three to four times in a day with cold water. Cleanse your face regularly, specially after coming from outside.

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