Multiple Uses Of Baby Powder

baby powder


Have you ever wondered that Baby powder is not just for babies?;) Yes we can use it for multiple purposes. Its a must have for everyone. The best thing is Its very cheap. If you haven’t tried it as stated below then you should have to try it because you have nothing to loose from this product you just gain from this product. So tips and tricks of baby powder are mentioned below,

As a Dry Shampoo

Shampooing your hair daily can damage your hair and make them weak. Avoid it as much as you can , apply dry shampoo in between washes to have that clean hair look.You can use baby as a dry shampoo. When your hair get greasy 2nd or 3rd day of wash you can refresh them using baby powder on your roots. It will suck up all the oil and lift your hair up. Its much more cheaper than a dry shampoo and gives you the same result with no damage. Its much more manageable with blonde hair, for Burnett and black hair try applying it at night so that all powder would be gone till morning with no visibility.

Back Combing

While doing backcombing apply baby powder to your hair roots before ,where you are gonna do it. It will give more volume and a strong hold for your backcombing.

Lash Volumizer

Apply baby powder with makeup brush to your lashes after one application of mascara, Repeat it two more times with alternate application of mascara. It will give you thick and long lash look, just like false lashes, thats the best way to get long and thick lashes.

Stain Proof Lipstick

Apply Lipstick on lips ,place a tissue paper on your lips make it stick, apply baby powder over your lipstick with makeup brush, remove tissue paper. Apply lipstick again. You can repeat it 2 more times. It will give you long lasting lipstick. Lipstick wont fade away even after eating, Neither ll it stain glass or anything…

Setting Powder

Use this as a under eye setting powder, It wont work for dry skin, but people will oily skin are gonna love this trick. Baby powder can be used as a high lighter and under eye setting powder after applying concealer bronzer and blush..

Lighten Dark Roots

If you have dyed you hair light blond and your dark roots have started showing, apply baby powder to your roots it will lighten them.

Quick Matte Look

If your skin is getting too oily and you don’t want to wash your makeup and face, then just apply little amount of baby powder on your big makeup brush and sweep it on your face, Your face will get matte in no time. 🙂

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