Kajal Tricks – Prevent Smudging

Every women use kajal or kohl to highlight their eyes. Applying kajal is very good for eyes because it cools down the eyes and when applied at night before going to bed, it cleanses the eyes by wiping out dirt. But the only problem we face is.. Smudging of kajal It means the kajal comes out of the eyes and give a weird black look after sometime it has been applied. To prevent this and make your eyes stay bright without any smudging I will give you today some important and useful tricks.

1. Apply face powder around eye areas and make sure the place is oil free. Thus, the powder absorbs the excess kajal and prevent it from smudging outside.
2. Oily eyelids might also be an important cause of smudging of kajal. To prevent this, take an ear bud and gently wipe the lids to absorb excess water or oil. When you are eyelid is dry enough apply the kajal.
3. Keep few ear buds in your handbag and touch up the smudging whenever needed. Select a good branded natural kajal and never opt for local and cheap brands which are full of chemicals and spoils the beauty of your eyes.
4. Never touch or rub your eyes after applying kajal. An important trick to prevent smudging is applying liquid liner below the kajal. The liquid liner dries up and acts as a wall which prevents the kajal from getting down. It also gives you a neat look. (But be sure, Don’t apply too much).
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