Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E

What Are the Benefits of Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E for Fingernails?
Fingernails that chip, break and crack are a drag. Vitamin E and jojoba oil work to nourish nails, preventing chips and tears. Use them alone or together as part of your beauty regimen.
Jojoba Oil
Like other natural oils such as shea butter and avocado, jojoba oil provides a mega-dose of moisture to nails. If your fingernails are brittle and dry, use an emollient jojoba oil moisturizer at least once a day to combat dryness. Apply the moisturizer just after you’ve wet or washed your fingers, so it can soak into the nail bed. Look for a hand cream that contains jojoba oil, or apply the oil directly. Warm jojoba oil also works as a cuticle softener.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E’s natural anti-fungal properties can soothe irritated, rough skin around the fingernails and treat fingernail fungus. Find a mega-rich vitamin E cream to coat your hands with, or look for a vitamin E oil serum. You can also eat the vitamin pills or take a multivitamin to experience the skincare benefits of vitamin E. While it’s tempting to rub vitamin E oil on your nails, the oil has a tough time penetrating the skin. Pairing the oil with another oil, like jojoba, or with a moisturizer, breaks down the vitamin E so it can penetrate your fingernails.

Make sure you’re addressing the underlying causes of nail problems. Use rubber gloves when you hand wash dishes or clean your house, so chemicals won’t harm your nails. Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and lean protein to naturally nourish your body. Chipping or brittle nails can indicate health problems like thyroid conditions or anemia. Check in with your doctor to make sure you’re in good health.

For a full-on nail strengthening regime, add a biotin pill. This promotes nail strength for less chipping in the future. Massage jojoba oil into your nails and follow up with a vitamin E moisturizer. Amino acids like glycine, tyrosine or lipides help your nails bone up on protein for strength and can be found in lotion. Alternatively, use a topical jojoba oil that contains vitamin E to drive the vitamin E deep into your skin for nail relief.

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