How To Get Perfect Eyelash Look



Most of us are not able to achieve the perfect eyelash look we want. Its not always the mascara, its actually the way how you apply it. Most of us must be applying it all wrong. In this article i am going to suggest you some tips and tricks to get that perfect eyelash look. Follow these and get the perfect result..

1. Primer

Invest on eyelash primer it will never fail you. Primer provide and better surface for mascara to work on. If you want to see the difference, apply mascara directly on one eye and apply primer first and then mascara on other eye. You can see the difference and will agree with me. So girls make it a must thing for your eye make up.

2. Use Number Of Mascaras

For years we have been using one and that’s a mistake. This is the latest trick and you all should try it. Use number of mascaras. Yes! try it it will work wonders. Some mascaras are for volumenizing some for lengthening. Wear a coat of each. You will be amazed to see the results.

3. Powder Between Coats

Use powder between coats it will work like that of primer. This thickens them up like that of primer. Its worth trying.

4.Position of Brush Matters

You can use your brush both horizontally and vertically. Most of us have been using it horizontally only which is wrong way. First coat your lashes horizontally with eyes half closed then with eyes open horizontally. Lastly coat them with brush in vertical direction.

5. Go For Four Coats

Don’t finish of by coating once or twice. Coat your lashes at least 3 times and best is to coat them for four times. Don’t let your mascara dry completely between coats. Wait for 1 minute and apply next coat. You will get quite satisfied with result.

6.Skip Lash Curler

Skip the lash curler. Especially if your lashes are naturally curled. Only you can decide that. Eyelash curler is a bit hard on lashes. So if its really necessary e.g your eyelashes are super straight then use it. Otherwise skip it.

7. Remove Mascara The Right Way

Removing mascara is sometimes a mess. It results in loss of lashes. Best way is to soak a cotton ball in water. Place it on lashes let them get wet then remove mascara it will prevent your lashes from falling off.

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