How To Dye Your Hair At Home

Dying your hair at Salons is quite expensive specially when you have long and thick hair. If you are able to do it perfectly at home then you must try. As you only have to pay for hair dye not any extra application amount. It might be difficult at first but then it will get easier and easier every time as u gain experience. But if you are going for high lights or dramatic color change then i will recommend you going to a professional. Moisturize your hair before applying dye or apply dye at 3rd day from last wash, as moisture tends to protect your hair and scalp from harsh chemicals of dye and helps in even application of dye. Section your hair before you start dying so that you are able to apply dye more evenly and more easily without missing and spot. Apply petroleum jelly on your hair line this will protect your skin from staining. For more guide please watch this tutorial..

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