How to Choose a Perfect Color for Yourself

Some people think, “Oh yeah I’ll just shove this on, it’s a top designer brand so I’ll be okay,” and then end up looking terrible in it. In this guide you can find out what colors suit you most. Try out the tips, hairstyles, and dress sense below and try your new look.

Things You Will Need:

Make up (optional)


Step 1:

Look at your eye color and hair color. Then use the guide below to find out what would look best with you. Your skin color is one of the best ways to determine what colors you’ll look good in.

Grey eyes, white blond hair: Most colors will look fine!

Brown eyes, blond hair turning a bit brown: Brown and fawn, also blue and pink. Think about pale pink if you have very pale skin tones.

Brown eyes, brown hair: You’ll look great in red!

Hazel eyes and fairish hair: Gold will look great if you have warm skin. Cool skin will look good in purple. Some shades of blue may wash out your eye color.

Blue/Brown/Green eyes and gray/silver hair: Shades of blue and white.

Green eyes with brown hair: Something purple or green can bring out your eyes. Purple if you have cool skin, green if you have warm skin.

Green eyes with fair hair: Same as above, but go for lighter shades, more pastel.

Blue eyes with ginger hair: Greens and turquoises look great. Don’t wear red unless it is an orange-red. Rarely wear pink unless it’s a peachy or coral colored.

Green eyes with ginger hair: Same as blue eyes with Ginger hair, though wear more greens to show off your gorgeous eyes.

Black haired: Can pull of more intense colors than people with fairer hair.

Step 2:

Do your hair. Here are some great hairstyles for particular people.

If you have fair hair, brush until it goes all fluffy or wear in a plait
White Blond hair: Wear down and messy with a side fringe, short and messy with no fringe or a normal fringe in a high ponytail- short hair needed. All of those hair style except the latter needed fluffy type of messy hair.
Ginger hair: Wear long and down; wavy looks good too.
Brown hair: Either every long and fluffy or short and wavy. Also try very short.


Don’t dye your hair, you’ll look fantastic if you have followed the tips! Natural is always best.

Don’t be too concerned about how you look – there’ll always be someone out there who doesn’t like the look of you, but there are many more people who’ll love your look.

Don’t apply make up, make up, make up. This could ruin you’ll face and bring out spots. Some make up is fine, but don’t wear tons of it every day.
If you are chubby – don’t worry, most chubby people have fantastic bone structures and some end up looking better than really thin people.

If you feel you’re fat, just do a simple 20-minute exercise routine every day or every other and eat all your fruits and veggies. You’ll be much healthier and probably start to lose weight.

Don’t exercise excessively – you could end up being really thin and unhealthy.

Don’t follow superstars’ sense of fashion. It’s very likely to look really bad on you if you do. They have professionally stylists and spend tons of money on outfits.

Instead of using nail varnish, use some nice clear top coat or base coat nail varnish – it dries in no time and make your nails look really classy – even if they’re bitten.

Don’t bite your nails. If you have real problems with this, you can buy this really horrible stuff to put on your fingers – and that’ll stop you biting them for sure!

Blonde hair looks great fluffy! (This is just an opinion.)

When you dress, do use colours that compliment.


When you dress, don’t use colours that clash.

Also, be careful what make up you use – bright red lipstick WILL NOT look okay with bright eyeliner or eyeshadow. Don’t use the 2 at the same time. Make one part of your face the focus. Example: Red lips with light eye makeup, or smokey eyes with nude or light pink lips.

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