Fruit Facial Mask


Can you rely on your favorite cleanser? If you have just a little doubt, maybe you can try some of our tips:

The first stage of the process before applying the mask (and essential) is to clean skin.
Normal / dry skin
: Mix half a cup of cold milk with 5 drops of olive oil. Shake the mixture in a bottle, moisten a cotton ball and apply on face, then rinse.
Oily skin: Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of cold milk and cucumber juice. Clean your face with this mixture, then rinse.

It will be ideal if you  scrub after the cleaning process. That will remove dead cells from the skin and will promote intense absorption of the mask.

The final step consists of applying the mask. The following mask are made of  fresh ingredients. Only pay attention not to be allergic to ingredients- if you are not sure test them on the inside of your arm before applying the mask!

Normal skin: You need 2 large strawberries, 2 tablespoons of avocado, an egg and half a grated cucumber. Mix all ingredients in a blender and apply on face and relax for 15 minutes. Then, rinse skin with lukewarm water.

Oily Skin: Boil two carrots, then blend them and add five tablespoons of honey. Apply mask on face and let it act for 10 minutes. You can use the carrot mask once a week.

Normal skin: Put a carrot in the blender and make a paste. Then add one tablespoon of milk or, if you prefer, a cucumber juice. Apply the paste on your face for 10 minutes and remove it with plenty of water.

Dry Skin: You need two cucumbers without bark and two tablespoons of yoghurt. Mix these ingredients in the blender. Apply the mask, leaving it on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Depending on how dry your skin is, you can use this mask twice a week.

Sensitive skin: Use the juice from a tomato and add enough clay powder to form a paste. To one teaspoon of this composition add warm honey. Apply the mask, leaving it to take effect for 10 minutes.

Applying a mask has to become a habit, but this does not mean that it has to be a chore or  boring. Make this experience  relaxing and pleasant – light some candles and have some music, so to create a pleasant environment, while waiting for the mask to take effect. You will feel invigorated both inside and outside.

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