Frizzy Hair Fixes!

Frizzy hair is mainly down to moisture deficiency. 90% of people suffer with frizzy hair because of lack of water. Healthy hair should have a moisture content of at least 8%, but chemical treatments can bring the level down to 2%.

Curly hair is also usually frizzy. Using the blow drier & mousse products can make your hair frizzy too.

How to get rid of frizzy hair

Deep condition it once a week. Do this by applying it to your hair, and wrapping it in a towel for about 15 minutes (I even leave the conditioner in my hair overnight sometimes. The longer the better!) Then rinse it out, wrap your hair in a towel again for several minutes. Apply some mousse, let your hair air dry, and then style. Try to avoid brushing it etc before it is fully dry.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

This really dries your hair out. And it gets rid of the natural oils in your hair which keep it moisturised (this doesn’t mean let your hair get all greasy, it just gives it a break from hot water, hot styling things like straightners etc which all make such a big difference).

If you do have to wash everyday  then use a de frizzing shampoo & concentrate on working it into the scalp especially. Apply conditioner, then rinse with COOL water.

Squeeze the excess water out gently with a towel and comb with a wide tooth comb. When the hair is still wet, apply a silicone/gel/cream/serum and blowdry with the nozzle on the end of the drier to direct the heat down the hair shaft.

Massage you hair regularly because it is very beneficial for both your hair and scalp. It also increases blood circulation in your scalp and leads to healthy hair growth. But, remember while applying oil to your hair, do not excess the required amount to it and use just the necessary amount that is essential for healthy hair looks.

Extra tips

Try not to comb/brush your hair in the day unless you actually need to. This will also reduce your split ends

Get regular hair cuts. ABout once every 6 weeks or so is a good amount if you want to keep your hair looking really healthy.

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