Applying Eye Shadow Step By Step

It goes without saying that you are going to need a makeup brush set, an eyeshadow set, and a makeup kit to apply eyeshadow properly. If you do not have the material needed or they are too expensive for you, you can always practice with free makeup samples.

Regular synthetic eye shadow is fine and safe, but we do prefer mineral products such as glo minerals eye shadow and bare minerals eye shadows.

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1- Always start by applying foundation . Foundation gives you a good base to work with. Do not over do it however; keep it light and gentle.

2- Then,  start applying an eye shadow primer over your eye from the lash to the eyebrow. A primer will help the shadow last longer and minimize the number of applications daily.

3- Use an eye shadow to apply the MEDIUM shade from your eye lashes to your eyelid’s outer corner.

4- Use a pencil eyeliner to mark the eye just above your upper lash. Move from the inner corner to the outer corner slowly

5- Use the brush and go over the area where you applied the eye liner to diffuse the color just a little bit

6- To make your eyes look deep, apply the dark eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye lids.

7- On the eyebrow bone use the light color to highlight your eyes and make them shiny and beautiful.

8- Also apply the light eye shadow from your eye lashes to the outer corner of the eye at the center of the eye lids.

9- Blend the color a little bit so that there are no hard lines

10- Apply Mascara to your upper and lower eye lashes to finish the great look

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