Get A Perfect Haircut Every Time

“Showing the styling in a picture is really the best way to avoid confusion and communicate your desired look.” – Amy Komorowski” For some guys, a shaved head will always make sense: It looks good and they’ve always done it that way, they’re balding and don’t have a choice, or maybe they’re hiding out in the jungle somewhere with only enough water to rinse and not repeat. But if you’ve got hair, then you’ve got to figure... Read More

Gift Ideas for Men – Holiday 2011

I’m always looking for unique or interesting men’s fashion and grooming items that you might not normally know about or think of. My top gift ideas for men for holiday 2011 features a variety of things that may not be obvious top picks for a holiday gift list, but they all offer a wow factor. And most serve a practical purpose. 1. Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4/4S Photo: Courtesy of InCase This is such a simple phone case and practical too. It is light weight, slim... Read More

7 Positively Effective Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster really do exist, and they don’t involve buying magical miracle products out of the back of fashion magazines! However, although there are some great ways to make your hair grow faster, it does take time.  Keep in mind, making your hair grow faster can be a complicated process, but following these 7 ways to make your hair grow faster will put you on the right track. As women we often change our minds about how we want our hair. Once we cut... Read More

7 Unbelievably Simple but Highly Effective Tips on How to be Party-Ready In A Flash

How To Get Ready For A Party isn’t exactly an article topic that many people think they need to read about. After all, how hard can it be? Throw on a pretty dress, some red lips, high heels, and you’re done, right? Not necessarily! When you want to stand out in the crowd, then you need to know how to get ready for a party. When you only have 15 minutes tops and you want to rock that place, then you need to know how to get ready for a party. When you want to arrive looking... Read More

8 Extremely Helpful Tips on How to Wear Sweater Dresses

How To Wear Sweater Dress is something that may take a bit of time to get the hang of. A sweater dress is perfect for wearing during the winter months, but styling it can prove to be difficult. Sweater dresses have a casual appearance, but if you know how to wear sweater dress, you can easily style it up. Take a look at a few tips on how to wear a sweater dress below. 1. Belted As sweater dresses can be quite shapeless, try cinching them in at the waist with a belt. Creating... Read More

7 Unbelievably Stellar Tips on How to Apply Foundation

How to Apply Foundation is something every woman needs to know – provided you use it, of course. Turns out, I’ve been doing it wrong. That’s why I wanted to do a post like this – I’m tired of not knowing how to apply foundation properly. As it happens, there are a lot of tips that make it easier. You’ll be amazed at how smooth your foundation looks! So if you, too, need to know how to apply foundation, keep reading! 1. Wash Up Many tips on how to apply foundation... Read More

8 Surprisingly Effective Fitness Fads You Have to Try

Fitness Fads can really surprise you.  Some of them don’t pass muster (or the test of time), but a surprising number of them are incredibly effective. Personally, I love the feeling after a good work out. My energy is up and endorphins are high. At that moment I feel I could take on the world. Unfortunately, after a week or two of the same old work out I start to get bored. Once things get tedious, you’re more likely to stop working out, which is why fun fitness fads can... Read More

9 Tips on How to Wear Animal Print

How To Wear Animal Print is a question that is always relevant. Animal prints are cyclical and are constantly in and out of fashion. It’s important then, that you now how to wear animal print depending on the season. While head to toe animal print is thought to be a universal no-no, there are a range of other helpful tips on how to wear animal print items. Take a look at a the following tips on how to wear animal print and let me know what you think. 1. The Statement Bag A... Read More

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