Some Extra Skin Care Tips

  Our Skin requires care of different levels at every age starting from the age of 8. Take out some time from your busy schedule and pamper yourself, afterall you will be the one who is going to enjoy the benefits of that extra care.. LOTION MASSAGE Daily moisturizing is the best defense against dry skin. Applying lotion right after you step out of the shower seals in the moisture that your skin has just absorbed. And since hands are often the first indicators of aging,... Read More

Prepare Your Skin For Summers

Summer season is just about to come. Summer is very hot in some part of the world mostly Asia and it damages the skin, which is some time irreparable. However some damages seen because of hot sun such as pigmentation and tanning are recoverable. The summer shows its intensity in open air , the sun damages more and causes skin tanning. In summer season the skin needs more care. The beauty care products we have been using in winters now needs to change. Heavy moisturizers... Read More

Acne Cure

There are different ways in which we can use rosewater for acne cure. And some of these ways are listed below. Rose Water For Acne Cure Rose Water and Sandalwood Want to get rid of the pimples, not a problem all you have to do is use rosewater and sandalwood. Using these two can really help you get rid of pimples or any other form of acne. With the help of rosewater and sandalwood, acne is not the only problem we can solve, in-fact it also aids in getting rid of scars that normally... Read More

Dr. Khurram Mushir- Beauty Tips

ROSE TONER FOR FAIRNESS & FRESHNESS Take half kg fresh rose petals and add 1 liter distilled or mineral water. (or take half litre mineral or distilled water n add 1kg fresh rose petals in this water) ,Simmer or boil it gently for 20 to 30 minutes on low flame. Cool it a bit …on room temperature. Pour 1 tsp almond oil (if ur skin is very dry) and sprinkle 3 or 4 drops of the tincture of benzoyn. Pour this concoction into a bottle, keep it in the refrigerator and spray... Read More

How to Get Healthy Glowing Skin Like Models

Surprisingly, you don’t have to have perfect skin to become a model, but you do have to have good skin, which isn’t impossible if you take the right steps. Whether you want to become a model or just look like one, you can start by following a good skin care routine to get model-grade skin. Photoshop is what makes all models look ethereal, so don’t expect to be flawless. These simple steps will get your skin in shape without the need for extensive photo retouching.... Read More

Coconut Oil As a Hair Conditioner and a Skin Moisturizer

Using virgin coconut oil can result in healthier, shinier hair. Used extensively in India as a hair preparation, coconut oil contains essential proteins needed for hair growth. Regular use can strengthen hair, nourishing it from the roots and penetrating the shafts to seal and protect individual strands. As a pre-shampoo treatment, coconut oil can reduce problems with dandruff without the harsh effects of chemicals used in commercial products. Massaging it into the scalp also... Read More

Get Rid of Age Spots Naturally

Years of sun exposure can lead to flat brown spots on your hands, face, and body. While age spots are harmless, most people consider them an unwelcome sign of aging. They won’t go away, but the following spot treatment can be “very, very helpful in reducing the appearance. Ingredients: Full cream yogurt – 2 tbsp Strawberries – 2 to 3 or cherries – 3 to 5 Fuller earth – 1 tsp Glycerine – 1 tsp Lemon juice – 1 tsp Mix all ingredients and apply every day 15 to 20... Read More

How to Get Rid of Dark Knees

There’s no need to remain embarrassed by the appearance of your knees. Thick, dry, blackened skin on the knees is a result of hyper-pigmentation. A combination of dry skin, friction and accumulating dead skin cells result in a callous-like darkened area on your knees. This condition is embarrassing and irritating, but needn’t be permanent. Although proper skin care and preventative measures help keep your skin smooth and moisturized, steps can be taken to restore... Read More

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