Homemade Beauty Tips For Glowing Clean Skin..

    Home Remedies for Flawless Skin The following home remedies can be followed for maintaining glowing and flawless skin. 1.Sugar: This is a good remedy for exfoliating the skin. Mix white and brown sugar with water. Rub gently with it on face and wash off with lukewarm water. 2.Potato: You may not aware but potato is natural home remedy to get glowing and fair skin. To brighten your skin and reduce dark skin spots and scars, apply potato juice on your face. Raw potato... Read More

Body Scrubs

Body Scrub Recipes Body scrub recipes call for natural ingredients that you can find in most kitchens including salt, sugar, cornstarch, cornmeal and oats. Using natural ingredients, you can create fresh, healthy cleansing scrubs that you can use when you need a great way to soothe and moisturize every inch of your skin. Scrubbing Ingredients Natural body scrub recipes contain ingredients that provide gentle scrubbing to remove dead skin cells, dirt and body oils that can clog... Read More

Homemade Face Mask for Ashy Skin

Sugar is a preferred exfoliant to salt because it tends not to tear at the skin. When dead skin collects on the surface of skin, it’s important to slough it away. This helps clear up clogged pores. When skin isn’t exfoliated, it can appear ashy. Ingredients: 2 tbsp sugar 3 tbsp warm water Preparation: Stir sugar into warm water so that it melts. Make sure granules are dissolved, otherwise they could tear your skin. Apply to the face. Gently massage around the skin. Rinse... Read More

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