If you love doing manicures yourself, then I’m sure that some great tips for shaping nails are right up your alley. Since I finally stopped biting my fingernails a few years ago, I love playing with them: shaping them, painting them, trying new styles, and so on. While I’m happy to go get a professional manicure every once in a while, it’s not always a practical choice, and I often need to cut and shape my nails myself. As a result, I’ve sort of become a collector of... Read More

Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E

What Are the Benefits of Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E for Fingernails? Fingernails that chip, break and crack are a drag. Vitamin E and jojoba oil work to nourish nails, preventing chips and tears. Use them alone or together as part of your beauty regimen. Jojoba Oil Like other natural oils such as shea butter and avocado, jojoba oil provides a mega-dose of moisture to nails. If your fingernails are brittle and dry, use an emollient jojoba oil moisturizer at least once a day to... Read More

Beauty Manicure For Nails

Manicured nails can make anyone feel like a million bucks, but not everybody has the money to go to a salon. Well luckily you can achieve salon quality manicures at home! Giving yourself a weekly manicure will keep your hands looking rejuvenated and beautiful. It also give you a more professional and polished work look. You will need: Nail polish remover                                                                                  ... Read More

How to keep your nails long and strong?

Nails are dead cells growing out of our fingers. So, there are no nerves in the nails and that is why, we do not have any sensation in the nails. But, while clipping your nails, you should be careful enough not to dig into your skin. Nails have two parts to be cared for. One is the nail plate and the other is the cuticle area which provides a covering to the nail. The cuticle area has two types of skin. One skin is the dead skin which extends on to the nail and the other is live... Read More


ALOEVERA GEL (Directly extracted from the plant, you can also buy it from stores) BEAUTY BENEFITS OF ALOEVERA GEL  (Skin and Hair care at Home) 1. Aloevera can be used as a natural Hair conditioner. Apply the gel both in your hair and scalp 1 hour before every hair wash. This conditions your hair, makes it soft smooth and manageable. This also promotes hair growth and thickens your hair with regular use. 2. To get pink and soft lips, try out this.. ALOEVERA LIP BALM recipe... Read More

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