Beauty Tips And Tricks..

Here are some beauty tips and tricks you should know, to look as perfect as you want to be.. Tease With a Tooth Brush In order to create back combing effect, it better and easy to tease your hair with tooth brush instead of comb. You never knew about it? Lets give it a try .. Smooth Nail Polish Ensure you get a smooth, bubble-free coat of polish by putting the bottle in the fridge 15 minutes before you plan on using it. Make Your Eyes Pop Apply a shimmery shadow to your lower... Read More

How To Look Fresh In Mornings

Whether or not you’re in a hurry in the morning, you need to use the right makeup products in a proper way if you want to look your best. With the right tips and tricks, makeup for early morning becomes easy and helps you look rested, while also delivering a nice glow. Find out how to apply makeup the right way in the morning, when you’re going out very early and you’re also pressed by time constraints. Hydrate Your Skin Preparation is very important when it comes to the... Read More

Bobbi Brown Spring Collection 2014

Bobbi Brown is one of the famous and most liked brand in cosmetic industry. Their product quality is always up tothe mark. As Spring is about to come soon their spring collection will also be launched.In this article you will see a sneak peek of their upcoming spring collection. The Bobbi Brown Nectar and Nude spring 2014 makeup collection brings several interesting options worth stocking up on. The renowned makeup artist put together some of her favorite neutral tones in the... Read More

Flawless Skin With Concealer

Learning all of the concealer tricks that will help your skin look absolutely perfect and flawless is never easy! If you aren’t a pro in the makeup ring, how can you really make your skin appear completely and totally flawless? There is a list of all of concealer tricks that can be used to cover up blemishes, imperfections and beauty spots and make skin look awesome! You want to look fresh-faced and flawless? Take a look at concealer tips below! 2. COVERING A BLEMISH Blemishes... Read More

Contour Your Nose with Makeup

When you’re not 100% happy with the shape of your nose, work a little makeup magic before you start saving up for rhinoplasty. Check out the best techniques for nose shaping, that help you create a flattering contour for your nose with the magic of makeup. Preparing for the Right Nose Contour with Makeup Before you start the nose shaping procedure using darker and lighter foundations, you should consider your skin type. If you have oily skin, it might be a good idea to... Read More


One minute makeover tricks will help you change your look in an instant. Sometimes there’s the need to change things up a bit, but a complete overhaul or makeover just isn’t an option. A simple tweak here or there can be just what you need to update your appearance. Refresh your look with these easy one minute makeover tricks. 1. CHANGE YOUR LIPSTICK The lipstick you wear can really define your look. A classic red lip breeds confidence, a pink pout is fun and flirty, dark... Read More

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Ready to break some hearts? Check out this Mila Kunis smoky eye makeup tutorial and have fun trying a mysterious and incredibly glamorous look for maximum impact! Mila Kunis, one of the sexiest women alive, always manages to impress with her incredibly hot and flawless appearances especially when it comes to red carpet events. So, do you gorgeous dolls want to learn how to steal this Hollywood babe’s stunning makeup look? Are you girls ready for something sultry, mysterious... Read More

Makeup For Photographs

At one stage or another in our lives we’re going to be in front of the camera and whilst not all of us are photogenic we can at least fool people into thinking we are. Whether you’re taking some happy snaps with your friends or getting professional photo’s taken it’s best to pay a little more attention to your makeup! This guide will teach you how to do your makeup so it photographs best with or without flash photography. - Prime. Patchy makeup never looks great on anyone... Read More