Homemade beauty Tips By Zubaida Appa

  We all know being a Pakistani about famous zubaida appa’s tutkay. They are always effective and amazing whether they are for kitchen or for any other category. In this article i am going to  share her beauty secrets. These homemade natural tips are effective and easy with no side effects. Constant use will give you amazing results. 1.Every woman wants her hair to be long and strong. A simple beauty tip and trick for hair is; take one egg and beat it well, mix some... Read More

Homemade Facials For Bright and Healthy Skin

Following are some effective home-made facials. You can try these cheap tricks to make your skin refreshing once again in such hot and humid weather. Ice Facial You’ll find that many of the DIY facials on this list come in different versions like this ice facial for instance. There are many variations of this facial as well as most of the other facials on this list so don’t be afraid to experiment! This particular facial is super duper easy where you only need one ingredient... Read More

Dr. Khurram Mushir- Beauty Tips

ROSE TONER FOR FAIRNESS & FRESHNESS Take half kg fresh rose petals and add 1 liter distilled or mineral water. (or take half litre mineral or distilled water n add 1kg fresh rose petals in this water) ,Simmer or boil it gently for 20 to 30 minutes on low flame. Cool it a bit …on room temperature. Pour 1 tsp almond oil (if ur skin is very dry) and sprinkle 3 or 4 drops of the tincture of benzoyn. Pour this concoction into a bottle, keep it in the refrigerator and spray... Read More

Useful Beauty Tips

1.To get a healthier glow at home, try using a natural alpha hydroxy acid. “Gently smooth the inside of a lemon, lime or papaya peel over your skin in the evening before going to bed to effectively slough off dead skin cells and reveal fresh, new, radiant cells underneath,” Jacknin suggests. “You also can lighten age spots with fresh lemon juice applied twice a day with a cotton swab,” 2.Yes, the rumors are true. “Drinking at least eight full glasses... Read More

Summer Beauty Secrets

Its alomst the start of summers. It will be at its swing in few days. Save yourself from the sorching heat of sun as much as you can , because it the worst enemy of your skin. Its just impossible to avoid going out. Best is to never forget applying sunscreen and wear sun glasses to protect your eyes. Reapply sunscreen after every 3 hours. Here the some beauty secrets for your summer routine to look perfect even in a hot and humid season.. Tips for Summer Skin Feel the Burn To... Read More

Skin Whitening Tips

Gram flour a natural ingredient for skin care Gram flour (besan or channa ka aata) has been traditionally used in beauty care, mainly to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin. In fact, it used to be one of the main ingredients of a body scrub that was a traditional beauty treatment for brides. It consisted of gram flour, rice flour, ground almonds, yogurt and turmeric. First, the body was massaged with sesame seed (til) oil. Then the mixture was applied and washed off after half... Read More

Fruit Facial Mask

Can you rely on your favorite cleanser? If you have just a little doubt, maybe you can try some of our tips: The first stage of the process before applying the mask (and essential) is to clean skin. Normal / dry skin: Mix half a cup of cold milk with 5 drops of olive oil. Shake the mixture in a bottle, moisten a cotton ball and apply on face, then rinse. Oily skin: Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of cold milk and cucumber juice. Clean your face with this... Read More

Homemade anti-aging masks

Strawberry mask anti  wrinkles Mash 5 strawberries and mix them with one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Add one teaspoon chamomile brew and one teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly and apply to face and neck area for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask with a cotton ball dipped in cold milk. Carrot and cottage cheese mask Mix one tablespoon of fresh thick sour cream with one tablespoon of cottage cheese and one tablespoon of carrot juice. Apply to the face and neck for 30 minutes. Rinse with... Read More

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