New Cufflinks Collection 2013 for Men by Ideas

Ideas by Gul Ahmed has launched its New Cufflinks Collection including various variety of formal and informal cufflinks. Most of the them are stylish however some are trendy to keep the availability for both formal and informal use. Most of the cufflinks are cool for the grooms to use during Mehndi or Barat. The variety of cufflinks offers you a choice to select from stylish or trendy cufflinks according to your desires.  Read More

New Kurtas Collection 2013 for Men by Ideas

  Ideas by Gul Ahmed has launched its New Kurtas Collection including BonVista, Dyed Lawn, and Knitted Kurta.  BonVista is as usual stylish and can be used at Mehndi or Formal Events. Dyed Lawn can be great for stitching Kameez or Kurtas. Knitted Kurta is for regular use and look decent on men.          Read More

New Shirts Collection 2013 for Men by Ideas

  Ideas by Gul Ahmed has launched its New Shirts Collection including Formal Shirts, Graphic T-Shirts, Solid Dyed Polo and Yarn Dyed Polo. The formal shirts are decent enough for formal events whereas graphic t-shirts and polo shirts are funky at the same time and are great to be dresses on parties.  Read More

Get A Perfect Haircut Every Time

“Showing the styling in a picture is really the best way to avoid confusion and communicate your desired look.” – Amy Komorowski” For some guys, a shaved head will always make sense: It looks good and they’ve always done it that way, they’re balding and don’t have a choice, or maybe they’re hiding out in the jungle somewhere with only enough water to rinse and not repeat. But if you’ve got hair, then you’ve got to figure... Read More

Men Fashion 2012

Men’s Fashion 2012 Winter The Men’s clothes 2012, is all about being everyday and comfy. The particular United states debonair has returned which time using a elegant yet dissonant mix of the particular twenty-first century higher style. This season you’re able to determine your personal fashion attire, in a way that a person extract the most from trials. The actual springtime 2012 gents fashion show was by pointing out metropolitan gentleman-a man who dons sublimity... Read More

Gift Ideas for Men – Holiday 2011

I’m always looking for unique or interesting men’s fashion and grooming items that you might not normally know about or think of. My top gift ideas for men for holiday 2011 features a variety of things that may not be obvious top picks for a holiday gift list, but they all offer a wow factor. And most serve a practical purpose. 1. Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4/4S Photo: Courtesy of InCase This is such a simple phone case and practical too. It is light weight, slim... Read More

Latest Hairstyles for Men

Men didn’t use to be so concerned with their hair, but time has changed. More and more men are opting to go for a stylist or visit their local hair salon specialized in men grooming, rather then a routine barber visit. Last year men’s hair styles were focused on appearing as polished as possible, where nary a strand was out of place. You’ll be happy to know that men’s hairstyles for 2011 are about chilling out and keeping it easy. That means you can look forward... Read More

Dealing With Hair Loss

There comes a day in every man’s life where he finds himself staring at the mirror wondering if his hairline was always that deep or that patch of scanty hair always there. That is the day when your life changes and nothing ever remains the same. Like with any other tragedy, you can stay in denial only for so long – eventually you have to come to terms with the loss. Of course, the sooner, the better! A few tips and tricks over the years, whether you are already losing your... Read More

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