How To get Curly Hair

In present fashion days hair are  big, shiny waves and bouncy curls that can be elegantly styled to a fancy party or casually worn with jeans and a T-shirt. Let me now tell you a very easy way of having that voluminous curly hair. Follow step by step a get those dramatic big curly hair and enjoy the party. How to Get a Voluminous Wavy Hairstyle Step 1:  When you want to achieve a voluminous wavy hairstyle, start with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. If you want that big... Read More

A Must Know Updo Hair Tutorial

This is a simple hair style that is easy to do….when you KNOW how to do it. Once you have this hair style down you can do SOOO many other ones.This requires back comb like crazy.Don’t be afraid of back comb.You just have to remove your back combing careful to avoid hair breaking.Lets have a look on this tutorial to learn how to back comb your hair and a simple easy hairstyle with it. A Must Know Updo Hair Tutorial  Read More

Volumized Ponytail Hair Tutorial

A ponytail is a hairstyle in which most or all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip or similar device, and allowed to hang freely from that point. It gets its name from its resemblance to the undocked tail of a horse or pony. Ponytails are most commonly gathered at the middle of the back of the head, or the base of the neck. Here we have a volumized Ponytail Hair Tutorial.Lets have... Read More

2012 MEN’S HAIRCUTS:Return of the undercut

Short back and sides. If that’s an expression that you’re familiar with, then the odds are you a) grew up in a time when men only frequented barbers b) were raised by a man who falls into the previous category c) have had at least a half decent up bringing. Which more or less guarantees that it’s an expression that everyone reading this piece is familiar with. And yet, it’s an expression that doesn’t get used all that much anymore. As far as expressions go, it languishes... Read More

Casual Short Hairstyles For Men In 2012

  For men, short haircuts is not unusual as most men in world sport this style. These hairstyles are popular for many reasons such as religious principles (most Christian denominations require that a man has short hair, so your head is not covered when praying) and occupation (eg, athletes, military personnel or business).   However, a short hair style does not have to be clear. There are many short hairstyles to choose different and attractive. Many styles from casual... Read More

Get A Perfect Haircut Every Time

“Showing the styling in a picture is really the best way to avoid confusion and communicate your desired look.” – Amy Komorowski” For some guys, a shaved head will always make sense: It looks good and they’ve always done it that way, they’re balding and don’t have a choice, or maybe they’re hiding out in the jungle somewhere with only enough water to rinse and not repeat. But if you’ve got hair, then you’ve got to figure... Read More

Latest Hairstyles for Men

Men didn’t use to be so concerned with their hair, but time has changed. More and more men are opting to go for a stylist or visit their local hair salon specialized in men grooming, rather then a routine barber visit. Last year men’s hair styles were focused on appearing as polished as possible, where nary a strand was out of place. You’ll be happy to know that men’s hairstyles for 2011 are about chilling out and keeping it easy. That means you can look forward... Read More

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