Home Made Hair Oil For Hair Fall

Ingredients required for hair oil :- 100 ml coconut oil 100 ml sesame oil Amla ½ KG or more – cut in pieces Curry leaves about 2 cups Aloevera  about  4-6 big leaves Red Hibiscus flowers 15 to 20 Methi seeds – 50 gms Coconut- 1 How to make home made hair oil   To make coconut milk – Cut one coconut in small pieces, put in the mixi, with very little water. Sieve it through a muslin cloth; we’ll use only the milk. For sprouted Methi – Take 2 big aloe vera... Read More

Which Oil should I use?

Identifying hair type and hair texture is very important before starting on a hair care regimen. As you know that both rough and fine hair need different products, similarly, they need different oils. Rough Hair It is thick and damaged in a nutshell. So, it needs nourishing oils which help improve the hair structure from the inside. Generally, all the heavy nourishing oils like coconut, almond, mustard, groundnut and other oils do well on rough hair because rough hair absorbs... Read More

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