Hair Brush For Your Need

In order to keep your hair healthy and get that fresh-from-the-salon look you should pay a lot of attention when choosing the right brush for different hair problems. Make sure you find a brush that is gentle with your scalp and also makes your hair look healthier and smoother. There are numerous types of brushes, such as plastic, synthetic, and boar bristle brushes, each and everyone having its own properties in order to solve your hair problems. One essential thing to remember... Read More

Homemade Remedies for Hair Loss & Dry Hair

Hair is a sign of the body’s health, and the overuse of hair care products, heat, stress and poor diet can cause dry hair or even hair loss. You can create your own home remedies with easy-to-find household items, to revitalize your hair and even promote hair growth and health. Water Water is a great home remedy that can be used to invigorate dry damaged hair. The body can store many toxins and wastes, shown through dry dull hair. Make sure to drink 8 cups of water daily... Read More

Homemade Hair Mask & Conditioner For Frizzy Hair

Wash your hair, but don’t over-wash it.Frizzy hair does not need to be washed every day and it certainly should not be washed more than one time per day.As a general rule, people with frizzy hair should not wash their hair more than three times per week.If you do you are basically cleaning the natural oils that help weight down frizzy hair right off of your head. Deep condition regularly.Deep conditioning will help restore moisture to your hair and will help fortify damaged... Read More

Blow Dry Hair Effectively With these Tips

Blow dryer is an electrical device that helps in drying your hair through cool, warm and hot air. Many girls blow dry their hair but few have positive results. Many girls also experience negative effects of blow drying hair. The negative effects are experienced because many girls do not know how to blow dry hair effectively. A few precautions need to be taken when when doing it. Otherwise, one might experience negative effects like hair fall, dryness of hair and split ends.... Read More

Oily-Hair Conditioning Treatment

If you’ve got a problem with oil, here’s a super-simple recipe to get the shine you want without the grease you hate. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1/2 avocado, crushed 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon mayonnaise   Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Apply mixture to dry hair, applying only to the hair shaft and avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes, then massage through to the scalp and leave on for 5 more minutes. Rinse... Read More

Effective Homemade Hair Mask recipes

Those who have weak hair roots,should go for homemade hair mask,avoid chemicals for hair as much as possible. Here are some homemade hair masks recipes.Easy to made & harmless. 1.Yogurt & Egg white Hair mask : This mask is widely used by women around the world.Egg white is the source of protien for hair root,whereas yogurt clear off dandruff,a great natural hair conditioner. Ingredients : egg white ( for oily hair ),egg with the yolk ( for dry hair),A cup of yogurt. How... Read More

home-made Protein Mask Recipe For Hair

These days, we find many people complaining about falling hairs. We use different types of cosmetic products like styling gel; hairspray e.t.c if we do not take proper care of our hairs then our scalp can easily get damage by chemicals present in these beauty products. There are many home made remedies that you can follow and have healthy and shiny hairs, we are sharing with you once such home-made remedy, which is as follow. Ingredients: Olive oil: 3 tsp mayonnaise/dahi/cream:... Read More

Tips For Beautiful long And Healthy Hair

Women of the 21st century tend to view natural ingredients with suspicion. Unlike our grandmothers’ generation, we’ve grown accustomed to treatments created by cosmetics companies rather than having to create homemade concoctions. However, we shouldn’t be so quick to discredit the practices of the older generations. Years ago, the luxury of frequent salon visits and blowouts was minimal — beauty techniques have evolved over time and were based upon traditional and Ayurvedic... Read More

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