Facial Exercises

  You probably include plenty of exercises in your routine that target your abs, arms, legs, back and shoulders. Did you know that you should also be doing moves that target your face? That’s right – there are exercises that will tone and tighten your face so that you can look younger and lovelier anytime. They are super easy to do and you aren’t going to have to spend a ton of time doing them because they are pretty fast and simple. Here are the best. 1. FIRM YOUR... Read More

DIY Facial

Facial is very good for your skin. It removes dirt, impurities, lift up ur skin and improves blood flow, that results in giving you a healthy and glowing complexion. It can be done from parlour or you can even do it at your home. Following are steps of facial, if followed properly can give you salon results. Start with some warm up exercise 1.Move you head up and down. 2.Warm up your neck area by moving your head side to side and also move your head in circle. Facial warm ups 1.Start... Read More

Exercises For Healthy Looking Skin

This is very true that a regular exercise routine helps to nourish the skin all over the body because exercise is good for maintaining a proper supply of fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. Regular exercise is also helpful in the body detoxification process, as it helps get rid of toxins in the form of sweat which results in healthy cells, healthy epidermis and healthy organs. In reality sweating is not responsible for triggering acne flare-ups. In fact, sweating... Read More

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