Eyeshadow Do’s & Dont’s

Most of us make mistakes while applying and blending eyeshadows. They in return make our eyes looks smaller and unattractive. In the following video eyeshadow mistakes are demonstrated that we should avoid in order to achieve that perfect look because its our eyes that compliment our face. This video is very helpful specially for beginners..  Read More

Starry Eyes and How to Cut Your Crease!

This look is a cut crease look. It is done with glitter and dark blues. Its really sexy ,its definitely something that looks so hot. It should be done very carefully to have a neat and perfect look. Take your time to apply it. You can have it in night parties,functions and its perfect for a photo-shoot. Lets have a look at its tutorial.  Starry Eyes and How to Cut Your Crease! Tutorial:  Read More

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