Learning the ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup is a great lesson! Your eyes can be used for all sorts of things – such as drawing in your favorite boy! There are tons of different ways to make your eyes look bigger, but there isn’t really a compiled list anywhere – until now! I’ve got the top 8 ways to make your eyes look bigger by using makeup! So girls, try it! 1. STENCIL YOUR BROWS You can actually use your eyebrows to really make your eyes appear bigger,... Read More

Tutorial – Eye Diagram, Parts of the Eye, Basic Eye Makeup

Brow Bone/Highlight: Generally, a lighter color will be applied to this area; it may be something that has undertones of bolder colors used on the lid, or it may simply be similar to your skintone. For example, say I do a predominantly green look, I might turn to MAC’s Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow as a highlight color because it will bring out the greens and still allow the color to taper off. Some of my favorite highlight colors are Ricepaper and Shroom. Above Crease: This is my... Read More

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