Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smoldering dark eyes is a classic sexy look that’s perfect for date night or a formal evening event. To get the look, you can use black eyeliner and eyeshadow or experiment with rich jewel tones like sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and emerald green. For the most alluring effect, use metallic eyeshadow that have a light-reflecting effect. Here’s how to create a smokey eye effect:

  1. Start by lining your upper and lower lash lines with an eyeliner that matches the eyeshadow you are going to use. Run the pencil from inner corners to outer corners, working it into the base of your lashes to create a bold look. You don’t want to see any gaps in your liner so use a smudger to blend the eyeliner.
  2. Sweep a pale shimmery bone or white shadow all over your lid area from lash lines up to brows. This will act as a base to the darker shadow and also enhance your brow bone structure.
  3. Apply your dark eyeshadow. Sweep it across your lids and blend well up into creases. Extend the eyeshadow slightly past your outer corners to create the illusion of long, almond eyes. If you make any mistakes, just use a cotton swap dipped in makeup remover to erase the flub.
  4. Pile on the mascara. Apply two to three coats black volumizing and lengthening mascara. Use a lash comb if needed to break up mascara clumps and get perfectly fanned out lashes.

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