Home Remedies For Cold

With the changing season people begin suffering from different kind of minor diseases like cold and cough. These minor diseases turn into big health related problems if not treated properly. So it’s very important to cure these minor ailments. Medical as well as home remedies are available for cold.

Home remedies are cheap and do not have any side effect, so, before visiting doctors try these home remedies first:

  • Prepare a solution by mixing garlic oil with onion juice. Drink the mixture several times daily after diluting it in water. It’s a best home remedy for cold.
  • Garlic juice is also equally useful in curing cold.
  • Use warm water for taking bath to get relieve from chest and nasal congestion. Steam inhalation may also be used for this purpose.
  • In 30 grams of warm milk, add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and drink it after mixing properly. It’s an immediate home remedy for cold.
  • Mix 2ml of heated asafetida in one glass of warm milk and drink it slowly twice a day. It’s an excellent home remedy for preventing cold.
  • Prepare a powdery mixture by grinding equal amount of ginger and tulsi seeds.  Consume 5gm of powder twice a day, in morning and in evening. It is very effective in curing severe cold.
  • Prepare a mixture of identical amount of ginger juice and honey and take it three times a day. It will help you in getting relief from cold.
  • Consuming half a glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon lemon juice and honey is also an effective cure.

Keep your body warm and drink hot vegetable soup to prevent yourself from common cold.

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