Long necklaces have gained all the popularity, AGAIN, in the fashion industry. It’s all over the market and shops. Beautifully designed necklaces made of pearls, stones etc are available in almost every jewellery shop.
Long necklaces were worn by women in the early era but as it is said that history repeats itself. we can see this happening just in current days where fashion history too is repeating itself. churidaars, long kurtas, full gazing sleeves, long neckalces and many other things that we used to see in our mum dad’s weeding video and other old relatives’ videos has come back and now we ask our mothers about the designs they used to wear in their time

red necklace 004

Beautiful red necklace for women

long diamond necklace 006

Long diamond necklace for women

Long necklace goes with both eastern and western clothes be it jeans and top or a long formal shirt with churidaar pants; they add a charm to your outlook


beautiful necklace 003

Pearl necklaces for women
Long necklaces look just the right when you are going for a party. Wear it with trendy top and skinny jeans; they’ll make you look “THE BEST”

So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest jewellery shop and choose the necklace that is right for your personality! Afterall,


beautiful long necklace 001

Stylish necklace for women

antique long necklaces 002

Beautiful long necklaces for women

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