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2012 MEN’S HAIRCUTS:Return of the undercut

Short back and sides. If that’s an expression that you’re familiar with, then the odds are you a) grew up in a time when men only frequented barbers b) were raised by a man who falls into the previous category c) have had at least a half decent up bringing. Which more or less guarantees that it’s an expression that everyone reading this piece is familiar with. And yet,... Read More

home-Made Tips To Get Rid Of White Hair

These days we see many people around us getting white hairs during earlier then they had to come. There are many reasons, which could effect or increase this process of hair whitening,Stress plays a very important role in it. We have searched and found a very useful home made remedy to blacken your hairs in natural way. Tip No. 1 Almond oil               4 table spoons: Sesame... Read More

Casual Short Hairstyles For Men In 2012

  For men, short haircuts is not unusual as most men in world sport this style. These hairstyles are popular for many reasons such as religious principles (most Christian denominations require that a man has short hair, so your head is not covered when praying) and occupation (eg, athletes, military personnel or business).   However, a short hair style does not have to... Read More

6 Day to Evening Beauty Tips: From the Office to the Town Makeup, Hair & Fashion

Whether you’re trying to take your look from day to evening so you can meet with friends for drinks without going home after work or you only have a few minutes at home to go from your office look to something more appropriate for a night out, there are simple tips you can use to help you get great results, quickly. Daytime evening beauty transformations can be done quickly and... Read More

How To treat Dandruff

Causes of Dandruff  Dandruff, also known as scruff, is due to excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It is quite normal for the skin cells of the scalp to die and flake off. A normal quantity of skin flaking is quite natural, but when the flaking becomes excessive due to some irritation or some skin allergy then it needs attention. There is no convincing reason yet... Read More

Get A Perfect Haircut Every Time

“Showing the styling in a picture is really the best way to avoid confusion and communicate your desired look.” – Amy Komorowski” For some guys, a shaved head will always make sense: It looks good and they’ve always done it that way, they’re balding and don’t have a choice, or maybe they’re hiding out in the jungle somewhere with... Read More

30 Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

It’s easy for teenage girls to create looks that are natural and flawless; however, it’s just as easy to create looks that are cakey and overdone. After all, teens are battling acne, worrying about boys, and stressing out over big tests. With all of this being said, sometimes it’s tough for teenage girls to keep up with the latest beauty trends on top of everything else.... Read More

Dealing With Hair Loss

There comes a day in every man’s life where he finds himself staring at the mirror wondering if his hairline was always that deep or that patch of scanty hair always there. That is the day when your life changes and nothing ever remains the same. Like with any other tragedy, you can stay in denial only for so long – eventually you have to come to terms with the loss. Of course,... Read More

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