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Three Hot Lipstick Shades Of This Season

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Whether you are new to the world of lipsticks or an addict like me, you’ll have problems finding lipstick shades that will suit you. Usually people are intimidated by the opaque coverage given by lipsticks, opting for lip glosses, especially by women conscious of their skin tones. Well ladies, what if I were to say that there are three shades of lipsticks that suit every skin tone... Read More

Contour Your Nose with Makeup

nose contouring

When you’re not 100% happy with the shape of your nose, work a little makeup magic before you start saving up for rhinoplasty. Check out the best techniques for nose shaping, that help you create a flattering contour for your nose with the magic of makeup. Preparing for the Right Nose Contour with Makeup Before you start the nose shaping procedure using darker and lighter... Read More



One minute makeover tricks will help you change your look in an instant. Sometimes there’s the need to change things up a bit, but a complete overhaul or makeover just isn’t an option. A simple tweak here or there can be just what you need to update your appearance. Refresh your look with these easy one minute makeover tricks. 1. CHANGE YOUR LIPSTICK The lipstick you wear... Read More



Interested in how to make your eyes look bigger? No problem! Whether you have smaller set eyes or simply want to make them pop, there are a variety of fantastic eye makeup tips that can help you. 1. USE WHITE EYE SHADOW You actually don’t have to smear your eyelids with white shadow if you’re learning how to make your eyes look bigger. Rather, use a pencil or a shadow to dot... Read More



Must have makeup tools, those handy little things you can’t imagine doing your makeup without…they help you pull off amazing things in minutes, make experimenting much easier, give you that pro-looking finish without the mind blowing price that usually follows! Some of those great makeup tools, such as blush, eyeliner and eyebrow brushes, don’t need a long introduction and... Read More

Makeup For Photographs


At one stage or another in our lives we’re going to be in front of the camera and whilst not all of us are photogenic we can at least fool people into thinking we are. Whether you’re taking some happy snaps with your friends or getting professional photo’s taken it’s best to pay a little more attention to your makeup! This guide will teach you how to do your makeup so it... Read More

Creating a Natural, Rosy Radiance

Natural Blush

When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within. Read below for tips on how to put on make-up 1. Tap or lightly blow on the applicator brush to remove any excess blush before applying to prevent a harsh and uneven application. 2. Apply your blush on the apple of the cheek and carefully blend towards your natural hairline. 3. If you... Read More

Fashion Trends On Eid 2012

Eid Trends

Eid is the best excuse for those who love going shopping, designing Eid dresses for themselves and those who prefer buying Fashion Designers Eid dresses. Pakistani Eid Dresses are always a treat by the Fashion Designers to keep up with the latest trends in Pakistan. As Eid is the time of festivities for us Muslims so let’s find out style tips for Eid to make this Eid trendy. Fashion... Read More