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Change Your Look Change Your Life

Appearance in general can make or break you. Your appearance can make such a huge impact on your life. Believe it or not people perceive you how you present yourself in-front of them. You have to give yourself sometime in 24 hours. There is no excuse of not giving yourself time. If you really respect, yourself you must have time. Appearance and image is 50% grooming and 50% your... Read More

Fashion Trends On Eid 2012

Eid is the best excuse for those who love going shopping, designing Eid dresses for themselves and those who prefer buying Fashion Designers Eid dresses. Pakistani Eid Dresses are always a treat by the Fashion Designers to keep up with the latest trends in Pakistan. As Eid is the time of festivities for us Muslims so let’s find out style tips for Eid to make this Eid trendy. Fashion... Read More

Spring 2012 Hat Trends

Play with the ‘It’ accessories of the season and embrace some of the spring 2012 hat trends below. Best for fashionistas who are not afraid of standing out from the rest of the crowd with their ultra-modern look. Give a seasonal update to your wardrobe and pack away all your fur and super-thick hats to make some room for these amazing spring 2012 hat trends. Beanies,... Read More

5 Fashion Tips to Flawlessly Accessorize Any Outfit

You may know how to properly outfit your body to flatter your best features and body type but you still might not feel “put together” if you skip out on accessories. After all, an outfit is just an outfit without the right accessories! If you want to look like the chic ladies you admire, but aren’t sure where to begin, use these tips to help you learn how to accessorize properly. #1.... Read More

Strategies for buying pants for any body style

Try buying one size larger which will usually give you the right not too tight fit. Stretch fabric is crucial for comfort especially since at different times of the month you may need more ease. Uncluttered look – flat front, no pockets or embellishments, is a very flattering look and prevents bulk around the hips. Be careful with low rises on slim pants because you always... Read More

Exclusive Eastern Wear For Women – Winter 2012

Winter is known as the season of dryness. It makes your skin dry and your hair fuzzy. You don’t feel like dressing up nicely and all you want is to spend all day under a soft blanket. But you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you. Follow the steps mentioned below, they’re easy to implement. EASTERN WEAR TIPS: TIP 1: HAIR We know that in winter, carrying your hair... Read More

How to Choose a Perfect Color for Yourself

Some people think, “Oh yeah I’ll just shove this on, it’s a top designer brand so I’ll be okay,” and then end up looking terrible in it. In this guide you can find out what colors suit you most. Try out the tips, hairstyles, and dress sense below and try your new look. Things You Will Need: Hairbrush Make up (optional) Mirror Clothes Steps: Step 1: Look at your eye color... Read More


    How to Wear Scarves fashionably isn’t a secret science, you just have to know the right tricks!  If you’re wondering how to wear scarves this winter then look no further. While how to wear scarves may seem like a piece of trivial information, it can drastically change the feel of an outfit. Winter scarves tend to be heavier and therefore less versatile... Read More

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