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Effective Beauty Tips


  Everyone Should know simple and easy beauty tips and trick to make their lives easier and to enhance their beauty, while tricks like using toothpaste on pimples and cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks are either risky or harmless, some beauty tips have proven their efficacy again and again on a wide variety of skin and hair types. Take a look at a few beauty tips that... Read More

How to organize Your Beauty Products


  Organized things are easy to locate and looks neat and clean. If you have a mess of beauty products , then you can’t find what you want to use in time shortage. Its always good to keep them and everything of yours organised. Organized room and home reflects that the people living in it are organized and sophisticated as well. In this post I am going to tell you some... Read More

Big Sexy Curly Hair


The latest trend of hair , which looks incredibly amazing is big sexy curls hair. Curly hair looks amazing at any place or event , loose curls looks perfect for school, college, offices etc and tight curls with lots of volume looks amazing at parties, functions, dinners and other events. Those who are having naturally straight hair can have curls via using straightener, curling... Read More

Go Gorgeous With Photos


Who don’t want to have perfect pictures? Specially females are crazy about pictures. Pictures are memories. Memories you don’t want to forget. If in those memories you look beautiful then its awesome! Perfect pictures comes down to a few basic tips and tricks which, when combined, make sure you look just as great on camera as you do in person. Ready to get chummy... Read More

Makeup Tips For Office Going Ladies


  For working ladies, its a challenge to look fresh and beautiful every day. Fortunately, getting your look for work just right isn’t hard, but can make you appear professional and fabulous every time you head out the door. It’s always a good idea to look over the guidelines that your employer gives you regarding your appearance, but in general, you can use the following... Read More

Easy Day Makeup Tutorial


    A day makeup should be light and more natural looking, because in  day light if you put lots of makeup it will show up more. And makeup doesn’t mean that you camouflaged your whole face, it means to beautify your facial features. In this post I am going to give to step by step guide of how to do a day makeup. This makeup look will be perfect for office, college... Read More

DIY Facial


Facial is very good for your skin. It removes dirt, impurities, lift up ur skin and improves blood flow, that results in giving you a healthy and glowing complexion. It can be done from parlour or you can even do it at your home. Following are steps of facial, if followed properly can give you salon results. Start with some warm up exercise 1.Move you head up and down. 2.Warm... Read More

How To ProLong Life Of Your Makeup Products


There are various tricks and tips to prolong the life of makeup products. These come from pro beauticians who have the skills to explore the endless benefits of various products. Those who would like to learn more about the recycling of various formulas and using them for various purposes should take a closer look at these useful guidelines. Your favorite products should be no... Read More