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Face Packs For Clear Smooth Skin


Mud Mask Ingredients 2 Tsp Multani Mitti Powder 1 Tsp Green tea water 1 Tsp Lemon juice Mix them all make a smooth paste. Apply it for 20 minutes let it dry and wash off with normal water. Use it after every 3rd day. It will clear all dark spots,acne and make your skin bright and glowing.   Apple Cider Vinegar  Ingredients 1 Tsp Apple cider Vinegar 1 Tsp Rose water 1 Tsp... Read More

How To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees


Many of us face this issue of dark elbows and knees. The reason is our skin gets thick at that part and due to friction and movement that part of skin gets usually darker than rest of your body. Here are few natural remedies to get them lighten so that it can match rest of your skin color.   Baking Soda Baking soda is amazing natural exfoliator. Make a paste of milk and baking... Read More

How To Get Perfect Eyelash Look


  Most of us are not able to achieve the perfect eyelash look we want. Its not always the mascara, its actually the way how you apply it. Most of us must be applying it all wrong. In this article i am going to suggest you some tips and tricks to get that perfect eyelash look. Follow these and get the perfect result.. 1. Primer Invest on eyelash primer it will never fail you.... Read More

Tips To Stay Fresh In Summers

summers tips

Summer is the season of heat, sun burns, dehydration, skin problems, sweating and staying un-fresh. Try keeping yourself away from sun as much as possible. If you have to go out try having an umbrella. Luckily, some of the best healthcare experts and dermatologists offer advice on these very topics. Keep your skin healthy and happy this summer season by following these seven skin... Read More

Slimming Tea Recipe


Everyone of us wants to have a slim and fit body. But unluckily everyone is not naturally blessed with slim structure. You have to workout and make efforts for it. We all should eat healthy and less sugary foods. Healthy diet is a balanced diet containing meat, vegetables, lentils, fruits and lots of water. Adopt habit of drinking water instead of having sodas or sugary drinks.Here... Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar For Beauty Problems


When a beauty fix is in your kitchen, You don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive beauty products. Apple cider vinegar can be used for number of beauty fixes, and a bottle costs you few rupees. So putting it in your salad you can use it as well to treat your beauty problems… 1.Hair Rinse Apple cider vinegar can be used to make a simple hair rinse. Just dilute... Read More

Ways to have Perfect Healthy Body

step aerobics with dumbbells

Who in this world don’t want to have a perfect body? We all want to have it. Many of us strives daily to maintain it. In this article are few listed steps to help you gain your dream body and helps maintaing perfect health as well.Here are 10 ways to build a better body (and it isn’t only about diet and exercise!)… 1. Reconnect with your body Appreciate how your body... Read More

How To Get Bold Brows

bold brows

  Bold Brows enhance your looks and make you look more innocent and beautiful. Big, bold, beautiful brows seem out of reach, even with a makeup drawer full of pencils, shadows, and tinted gels. Extravagant plucking, too much waxing, over-enthusiastic threading, sinful shaving, genetics – whatever the cause, it’s fixable. You can take your eyebrows from weak to fleek... Read More