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Fall Makeup Trends


Simple Eyes And Red Lips Most classic fall makeup look (that actually works anytime of the year), is the classic subtle eyes and red lip! For a subtle eye, you can simply apply a wing liner with no shadow, or you can apply a cream shade and a soft brown transition in the crease with some mascara. The focus of this look is the lip! Apply a red lip liner and your favourite red... Read More

How To Look Fresh In Mornings

Cosmetic brush for applying the powder

Whether or not you’re in a hurry in the morning, you need to use the right makeup products in a proper way if you want to look your best. With the right tips and tricks, makeup for early morning becomes easy and helps you look rested, while also delivering a nice glow. Find out how to apply makeup the right way in the morning, when you’re going out very early and you’re also... Read More



Do you like wearing the bold cat eye look on your eyes but are getting tired of the same old thing? I hear ya! Wearing the cat eye look can be uber glamorous but doing the same winged liner the same way every day gets boring and stale! What’s a girl to do? Easy,change the way you do your eyeliner to freshen things up! Check out these 7 creative ways to rock the cat eye and refresh... Read More

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial


Ready to break some hearts? Check out this Mila Kunis smoky eye makeup tutorial and have fun trying a mysterious and incredibly glamorous look for maximum impact! Mila Kunis, one of the sexiest women alive, always manages to impress with her incredibly hot and flawless appearances especially when it comes to red carpet events. So, do you gorgeous dolls want to learn how to steal... Read More

Dior Grand Bal 2012 Holiday Makeup Collection


The fall/winter 2012 season proves to be a goldmine as far as makeup goes as cosmetics designers have gone wild with their creations. One of the most exciting makeup finds this fall/winter is Dior’s Holiday Grand Bal 2012 collection, so check out the brand’s fab collection and prepare to be blown away by its beauty! We’ve just stumbled upon Dior Beauty’s... Read More

Scotch Naturals Eco-Friendly Nail Polish Collection


Check out Scotch Naturals’s eco-friendly nail polish collection and embrace the new season with some jaw-dropping hues such as royal raspberry, sophisticated turquoise, subtle sage green, or steele grey! Charmer green, deep sea blue, dark mulberry, shimmering gold, pale neutral pink, cool mint… Boy oh boy, there are some out-of-this-world hues in Scotch Naturals’... Read More

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Collection


MAC Cosmetics is emphasizing glamor this holiday 2012 season through the launch of the Glamour Daze makeup collection. Check it out and see which shades will make it to your wishlist! The new MAC Glamour Daze makeup collection for holiday 2012 proves that pulling off an impressive number of makeup collections is MAC Cosmetics’ specialty and for the holiday season the brand... Read More

Lancôme Happy Holidays 2012 Makeup Collection


The holidays are all about glamor and Lancôme has the ultimate glamor collection for its fans. The new festive makeup line features all the season’s essentials necessary to achieve a soft and sophisticated look, so take a peek at the products and hues featured in the brand’s new ‘Happy Holidays’ 2012 collection and choose your faves! The winter holidays... Read More