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Bridal Jewellery Collection 2015

Jewellery trends are changing with time. These days the women are found to be getting crazy about the kundan jewellery designs.These designs have been best enough to bring the traditional feeling in the women that taken as perfect choice by the brides.Kundan jewellery designs are all installed with the stones, beads and addition of the pearls.The best thing about the kundan jewellery... Read More

Jewellery By Forever 21

Forever 21 has seen some remarkable accomplishments over the past 30 years. With a goal to become an $8 billion company by 2017 and open 600 stores in the next three years. Forever 21 is known for its trendy offerings and its economical pricing. Women’s, men’s, and girls’ clothing, accessories, and beauty products are sold. Below are few of their stunning pieces of jewellery..   ... Read More

Zaheen Kamran – Fine Silver Jewellery

Zaheen Kamran is one of the first Jewellery Design graduates in Pakistan, she completed her BS (Hons) in Jewellery Design and Gemological Sciences from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD). She has been into designing field for the last few years and has worked with many of the leading Jewellery Companies in Pakistan. Talking about the brand itself, it has been founded... Read More

Argentum – Designer Jewellery by Nadia Chhotani

Females consider theirselves incomplete without jewellery. With the passage of time Most of the things are taken by designers, Similarly designer’s jewellery is at its peak of fashion. Fashion industry is improving with time introducing more innovative and beautiful fashion accessories. Nadia chhotani is a brilliant jewellery designer. Lets have a look at her few designs..          Read More

Heritage Latest jewellery Collection 2013

Jewellery is most common favorite thing among girls. They feel their-self incomplete without it. There are so many varieties available in market for jewellery. One should be wise enough to  choose whatever best suits that oneself. There are many different brands out there that are doing tremendous job in jewellery market. Heritage latest jewellery collection is stunning... Read More

Latest Stylish Jewellery For Girls

Female feels incomplete without jewellery. Many different brands have introduced different jewellery trends. You can choose whatever suits you best. Right choice of jewellery change your whole look. It makes you look sofisticated and trendy. It enhances your girlish look. Lets have a look at latest treds of jewellery for girls…  Read More

Fabulous Collection Of Bracelets By Shamballa Jewels

Have a unique and beautiful bracelet collection by Shamballa Jewels. Shamballa bracelet which is an accessory created by incorporating a diamond studded gold beads into a macrame pattern created after following ancient braiding technique. So check them out and see which color and which jewelry design manages to spark your creativity!                          Read More

Xenab’s Atelier Latest Party Wear Collection 2013

Xenab’s Atelier is a Fashion house located at the heart of Karachi, Pakistan and is committed to providing high quality designer wear for women of all ages. Better known for our exceptional customer care service, you can place your orders with them or their many representatives around the globe and enjoy a hassle-free service. Xenab’s Atelier works with fresh ideas,... Read More

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