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Bedroom Interior Ideas


Tufted furniture is sophisticated and elegant, delicate and charming and can be quite bold and modern in style as well. It’s versatile and a thus there are many ways to add it into your home. Tufted head boards are in trend these days. There are various materials that you can choose from when it comes to picking a tufted headboard for your bed. You should consider choosing a... Read More

Decoration Ideas For Bridal Room


A bedroom for the newly wed couple is always decorated beautifully. Its a place where the new couple start their new life journey together and  have to spend time in intimacy, So it should be Romantic and comfortable as well. It can be simple and comfortable with minimal furniture as per the couple choice. Bridal bedroom design with classic theme is a little bit heavy, but it... Read More

Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Living Room

Home is a place which is considered to be best for the people living in it. And living room in any home is the most used room for all members of family as well as for guests. It should be decorated so that at the same time it gives modern as well as cozy look. We have some awesome idea for making your living room worth appreciating and comfortable. Lets have a look at some amazing... Read More

Stylish Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas


Window treatments are really important in bedrooms, more than any other room. Your bedroom is the most room where you seek privacy and relaxation, and that’s why people make sure to add suitable window treatments to give them what they need. If you want to have maximum privacy and have your room totally covered, then blinds are a must. They are totally opaque and give you what... Read More

Cheap and Chic Decorating Ideas

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Reassessing, recomposing and re purposing old items can revive your home elegantly. For decorating home you don’t have to depend fully upon the ready-made accessories available at any superstore. Instead, you may also consider reusing the already available items and displaying your own art-works and painting in the home. In this way you will deck up your home on a budget. Some,... Read More

Chen One Latest Home Collection For Summer 2012


So finally!! you are enjoying the hotty hotty summer and the season of summer is going on its head.The atmosphere is little bit hot and sometimes beautiful with rain.As we all know that we all are very busy to fulfill our summer wardrobe with stylish lawn dresses, party dresses, foot wears, jeweleries and etc etc, where as we can’t forget to decorate our home according to... Read More

Bedroom Decoration Ideas


Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas Modern Bedroom Decoration Bedroom is the  room is your personal space, because there you can relax at the full, and drove body and soul and get rid of accumulated stress during the day in thebedroom .Decorate your bedroom according to what person you are to feel most welcome there and be as successful your holiday. Try the basic idea of... Read More

Exotic Swimming Pools


Luxury and Exotic Swimming Pools     Exotic Swimming Pool Building an exotic swimming pool with major studies initiated on the ground – and hydrogeological engineering. The next stage of the project be compiled for theswimming pool based on the survey results. The presence of rocks and expensewould prevent the construction of the bed of the pool. If a small depth... Read More