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Khaadi Festive Collection 2016


Khaadi is most famous Pakistani brand that has earned its name internationally as well. It has complete range of clothing and home textile. It has recently launched its most amazing festive collection of upcoming Eid 2016. This collection has bright and beautiful colors with lots of embroideries , silk backs and chiffon dupatta.. Lets Have a look…              Read More

GulAhmed Mid Summer Collection 2016


GulAhmed is famous brand of Pakistan. The group began trading in textiles in the early 1900s.At Ideas by Gul Ahmed, you will find a variety of fashion lines including prêt wear, unstitched fabric (for males and females), polo shirts, formal and semi formal wear (for men) and the diverse range of casual and formal wear (for women). It has recently launched its Mid Summer Cambric... Read More

Azadi Sale Update on Different Brands


We all love sales. Don’t we? Sometimes our favorite item is out of our budget, but when its sale season we rush to stores to grab that item if its on sale. Most of the brands offers sales at different events or at end of a season or year to clear up their entire stock and make space for new Collections. Our independence day is coming soon and many brands in Pakistan is Offering... Read More

Zahra ShahJahan Formal Wear Collection 2016


Inspired by history and charmed by nature -Zahra Shahjahan’s portfolio, ranging between stunning hand crafted Bridals , Luxury Pret and Pret to Lawn and even some of their fusion statements- is a glorified celebration of vintage Pakistani Fashion, representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, unsurpassed quality of fabrics and attention to detail. This philosophy is also reflected... Read More

Benefits Of Green Tea


Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, originating in China but widely used throughout Asia this beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer. So, drink up, because your overall health is about to get a lot better. Healthy teeth Green tea can kill bacteria, which improves dental health and lowers your risk of infection.... Read More

Grooming Tips For Men


Become a regular at your barbers Book your next appointment while you’re there for roughly 4 weeks time, and stick to it. Too many men wait for the ‘forlorn tugging of your locks’ stage before doing anything about it. Basically, if you’ve noticed your hair needs a cut, then other people have too. The trick is to be proactive, not reactive – and having... Read More

Khaadi Kurta Collection 2016


Khaadi is a multinational Pakistani clothing fashion brand founded in 1999 by Shamoon Sultan. It specializes in “hand-woven” technique products, specially a wide clothing range for women in Prét wear, it also provides unstitched lawn, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and is scheduled to open a clothing range for men’s wear. Khaadi has always... Read More

Sun Tan Removal Remedies


  Baking soda scrub How to remove sun tan with baking soda? Prepare a solution or a paste by mixing baking soda with water and use it as a scrub to remove the tan from your hands or any affected area. If you are looking out for quick results, then try this procedure every alternate day. Vinegar as a tan remedy Take equal quantity of vinegar and water in a bowl and mix it... Read More

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