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Motifz Mid Summer Shirts 2015


Motifz designer embroidered and digital printed fabrics bring you the most innovative and exquisitely designed products. They provide their customers wit high quality and best designs at affordable prices. It has earned its name because of their versatility and quality. Latestly they have launched embroidered kurties for only 2090 PKR, Lets have a look..  Read More

How To Look Slimmer


Eating healthy and right is most important in making you look fit and slimmer, even though a few extra pounds shouldn’t be the major issue because if you know how to dress appropriately you can make an illusion of looking slimmer.  if it’ll make you feel more confident to appear slimmer, then you should go for it. Here are a few of the easiest illusions to pull off... Read More

Nisha Saavan Collection 2015


Nishat is one of the famous and leading brand of Pakistan. It is famous because of its quality and designs that are always amazing. It has just launched its saavan collection 2015. The new Saavan collection is here to make you feel and look gorgeous while going out and doing your everyday activities. Get ready to indulge in sumptuous new styles that look fabulous on women of all... Read More

Azadi Collection By Ideas 2015


As we all know that 14th August is coming. It has a great importance in history of Pakistan because on this special day our beloved country came in being. Keeping the importance of independence day in mind Ideas have launched Azadi collection, It consists of green Ready to wear shirts having digital prints of historical buildings. Shirts are stylish and beautiful. Make your independence... Read More

What is Strobing??


Strobing? You have been hearing it from quite a few times. It is actually new name for highlighting. Strobing is expected to replace contouring. Strobing, the latest makeup trend we’ve seen on everyone from runway models to our favorite bloggers, skips the chiseled features of a full contour in favor of dewy skin that glimmers in all the right places. Instead of painting your... Read More

Monsoon Beauty Tips


  Monsoon comes as a welcome break from the scorching summer heat but the accompanying humidity is known to play havoc with skin. From applying a moisturising lotion immediately after bath to taking a shower in lukewarm water are some of the tips that can help in achieving flawless skin during monsoon. Usually it gets difficult to predict how the skin will behave in monsoon,... Read More

Foods To Avoid For Flat Belly


  who doesn’t want to have flat belly? We all want to have it. It increases our confidence as it improves our overall appearance. Carrying some extra pounds on the gut comes from consuming more calories than you burn through exercise. No foods specifically add fat to your belly. They add fat to your whole body, which includes your belly. Likewise, avoiding specific... Read More

Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

old Look

  No one wants to look older intentionally. Its something our ignorance about certain makeup looks that makes us look older. Avoid those mistakes and try looking younger and fuller. Under Eye Eyeliner Under eye eyeliner/Kajal is super easy and almost few seconds job to do. Many of us love applying only kajal, but the fact is it adds few years in your look. Always apply eyeliner... Read More