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Some Useful Beauty Tips

    1. STOCK UP ON HONEY Honey is great for your morning toast or bowl of yogurt, but it also makes one of the top things to keep on hand for your own DIY beauty tricks. Honey as antibacterial properties that make it ideal for using on your skin. Slather it on your face, let it sit there for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. What you get is smoother, healthier... Read More

Beauty Tips And Tricks..

Here are some beauty tips and tricks you should know, to look as perfect as you want to be.. Tease With a Tooth Brush In order to create back combing effect, it better and easy to tease your hair with tooth brush instead of comb. You never knew about it? Lets give it a try .. Smooth Nail Polish Ensure you get a smooth, bubble-free coat of polish by putting the bottle in the fridge... Read More

How To Make Your Own Lip Color

You can make you own lip color at home. Sounds great na!! Yes you can and its very easy.. You can make different colors of your own choice with simple ingredients.Lets learn how to make one. Ingredients Petroleum Jelly Blush/Eyeshadow or anything with pigments Candle Clean jar/bowl Container Method Take out petrolem jelly in clean jar. Take out eyeshadow/Blush or anything with... Read More

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