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Nail Art Trends and Ideas for Winter 2012

Never underestimate the beauty boosting power of nail art! Let these new nail art ideas inspire you and find pretty ways to glam up your nails this winter! If you’d like to be remembered as the gorgeous girl with the fabulous nails you have to pay more attention to your nails and you don’t have to spend tens of dollars on weekly manicures. There are numerous easy nail... Read More

Glam Chic Fall 2012 Nail Art Designs

The fall 2012 season is packing numerous surprises for nail art enthusiasts as this season fabulous pigments in various textures from all glitter to shimmery, creamy and matte go, making the options limitless, so if you’re ready to get your nails looking glam chic, take a peek at the following nail art designs and draw inspiration for your new season mani! The new season is... Read More


Nail trends for fall tend to be a lot tamer than their spring/summer counterparts. However, there are still plenty of ways to have fun with fall nail trends. While you may be reaching for neutral and dark polishes, have a think about what you can do with them in terms of nail art. If you’re after a nail trend for fall, try out a few of the following. 1. REFLECTIVE NAILS If you... Read More

Modish Spring Nail Art Ideas

Paint your nails with fashion-forward shades and take inspiration from these modish spring nail art ideas. Beauty experts teach you how to nail down the hottest manicure designs. Experiment with these notice-me manicure ideas during the blooming season. Tint your nails with the hues of the moment and explore the magical world of amazing prints and patterns. Browse through the modish... Read More

How To Fix A Broken Nail

The horror! There are very few things worse for a woman, then chipping or breaking a nail after weeks or months of growing them out. Luckily, there is hope for those of you dreading the nail clippers. Using these simple tips and tools you can have your nails looking long and beautiful once again. You Will Need:  A nail buffer A nail file Tweezers Q-tip Polish Remover Super glue A... Read More

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